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  2016 Season

     All shows subject to change depending on availability

  Truly Talented Kids - March 18 & 19

Truly Talented Kids" is a cabaret-style show that includes singers, dancers, ukulele & guitar players... and even a local band! This show is a fundraiser with all money going towards making improvements to Schoolhouse's Blackbox Theater. The event is sponsored by The Black Box Teens—a theater education and service group made up of middle and high school-aged students. Come support a good cause! Performances will be March 18 & 19th at 7:00 pm.

  Daytime Player's ~ The Mennonite & The Bartender - April 1 - 3

The Mennonite and the Bartender is the story of how two hippies found each other after their lives veered so far off course searching for love. It’s a comedy wrapped around some very poignant moments. Written and performed by Daytime Players Katy and Harley Marshall. Performances will be April 1st at 7:30 pm and April 2nd & 3rd at 2:00 pm.

  Brighton Beach Memoirs - April 8 - 24

Dreaming of baseball and girls, Eugene must cope with the mundane existence of his family life in Brooklyn: formidable mother, overworked father, and his worldly older brother Stanley. Throw into the mix his widowed Aunt Blanche, her two young (but rapidly aging) daughters and Grandpa the Socialist and you have a recipe for hilarity, served up Simon-style. Don't miss out on this American classic! Performances will be April 8-24th on Friday & Saturdays at 7:30 pm and Sundays at 2:00 pm.

  James & the Giant Peach Jr - May 20 - 22

When James is sent by his conniving aunts to chop down their old fruit tree, he discovers a magic potion that grows a tremendous peach, rolls into the ocean and launches a journey of enormous proportions. James befriends a collection of singing insects that ride the giant piece of fruit across the ocean, facing hunger, sharks and plenty of disagreements along the way. Based on one of Roald Dahl’s most poignantly quirky stories, this adventurous musical about courage and self-discovery is sure to be a family favorite! Performances will be May 20 & 21 at 7:00 pm and May 21 & 22 at 2:00 pm. Tickets are $10 for adults, $8 for students & seniors and $5 for children under 5 years.

  Daytime Player's ~ Readers' Theater- June 3 - 5

In “Readers’ Theater,” The Daytime Players set out solve some of life’s nagging questions – Can a pinch of snuff cure lust? Can you find true love on a ferris wheel... especially when you are over 70? Performances will be Friday, June 3 at 7:30 pm and Saturday & Sunday June 4 & 5 at 2:00 pm. Tickets are $10 general admission.

 Disney's Beauty & the Beast - July 14 - 31

Step into the enchanted world the heartwarming tale of Belle, a young woman in a provincial town, and the Beast, who is really a young prince trapped under the spell of an enchantress. If the Beast can learn to love and be loved, the curse will end and he will be transformed to his former self. But time is running out. If the Beast does not learn his lesson soon, he and his household will be doomed for all eternity. With spectacular costumes and characters, Disney's Beauty And The Beast offers a great opportunity to bring your entire family together to relive the romance and magic of this “tale as old as time”. Performances will be July 14 - 31th on Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays at 7:30 pm and Sundays at 5:00 pm.

  Disney’s 101 Dalmatians KIDS - August 5 - 7

Based on Disney's classic animated film, this musical is a fur-raising adventure featuring Cruella De Vil, Disney's most outrageous villain, and 101 of the most adorable heroes to set their paws onstage. Pet owners Roger & Anita live happily in London with their Dalmatians Pongo & Perdita, stalwart dogs devoted to raising their puppies. Everything is quiet until the monstrous Cruella De Vil plots to steal the puppies for her new fur coat. The Dalmatians rally all the dogs of London for a daring rescue of the puppies from Cruella and her bumbling henchmen. With high-spirited music and lovable characters, this show is sure to delight the entire family! Performances will be Aug 5 & 6 at 7:00 pm and Aug 6 & 7 at 2:00 pm. Tickets are $10 for adults, $8 for students & seniors and $5 for children under 5 years.

  G2K The Sound of Music - August 19 - 21

The final collaboration between Rodgers & Hammerstein was destined to become the world's most beloved musical. When a postulant proves too high-spirited for the religious life, she is dispatched to serve as governess for the seven children of a widowed naval Captain. Her growing rapport with the youngsters, coupled with her generosity of spirit, gradually captures the heart of the stern Captain, and they marry. Upon returning from their honeymoon they discover that Austria has been invaded by the Nazis, who demand the Captain's immediate service in their navy. The family's narrow escape over the mountains to Switzerland on the eve of World War II provides one of the most thrilling and inspirational finales ever presented in the theatre. Performances will be Aug 19 & 20 at 7:00 pm and Aug 20 & 21 at 2:00 pm. Tickets are $10 for adults, $8 for students & seniors and $5 for children under 5 years.

  Clue ~ The Musical - Sept 16 - Oct 2

The internationally popular game is now a fun-filled musical which brings the world's best known suspects to life and invites the audience to help solve the mystery: who killed Mr. Boddy, in what room and with what weapon. The audience will help deduce the solution from clues given throughout the fun-filled evening. Audience members choose from cards representing the potential murderers, weapons and rooms; there are 216 possible solutions! Comic antics, witty lyrics and beguiling music carry the investigation from room to room. Even after the culprit confesses, a surprise twist will delight you! Performances will be Sept 16 - Oct 2 on Friday & Saturdays at 7:30 pm and Sundays at 2:00 pm.

  Disney’s Cinderella KIDS - November 4 - 6

Poor Cinderella is endlessly mistreated by her wicked stepmother and stepsisters and denied a chance to go to the royal ball. With a little help from her mice friends, and a lot of help from her Fairy Godmother, Cinderella’s dreams come true. She goes to the ball, meets the Prince, and falls in love! The timeless “rags to riches” fairy tale will charm its way into your heart and remind your entire family that dreams really can come true! Performances will be Nov 4 & 5 at 7:00 pm and Nov 5 & 6 at 2:00 pm. Tickets are $10 for adults, $8 for students & seniors and $5 for children under 5 years.

  Bad Dates - November 11- 12 (Blackbox Theatre)

An irresistible comedy for anyone who likes to laugh and loves a killer pair of Chanel pumps! Restaurant manager, shoe connoisseur and single mother Haley Walker is finally ready to re-enter the dating world. From the privacy of her bedroom, she relates a series of hilarious and very honest tales while preparing for, and then recovering from, one dreadful date after another. That is, until a hidden shoebox full of money puts the Romanian mob and Haley’s life in an uproar. One of the most popular shows in Playhouse history, Bad Dates is certain to be the hottest date night in town! Performances will be Nov 11 & 12 at 7:30 pm. Tickets are $10 general admission.

 Miracle on 34th Street  - December 2 - 18

An all-time holiday classic, Miracle On 34th Street is sure to put you in the holiday spirt! Single mother, Doris Walker, doesn't want her six-year old daughter Susan's head filled with romantic notions. Their neighbor Fred Gailey tries to woo Doris by charming Susan and taking her to see Santa Claus at Macy's, where Doris works. Doris is not impressed -but when it turns out Macy's Santa may in fact be the real Kris Kringle, a wave of love spreads across New York City that melts even the most cynical hearts. The perfect holiday treat for the entire family! Performances will be Dec 2 - 18 on Friday & Saturdays at 7:30 pm and Sundays at 2:00 pm.