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  Current Volunteer & Donation Needs at Schoolhouse

As a non-profit organization, Schoolhouse Arts Center relies heavily on volunteers and donations. There are many ways individuals, groups and businesses can help support us. Below is a list of specific needs. For more information about areas that we are always looking for ongoing help, please click on the Support Us tab.

   Volunteer Coordinator Needed -

Do you like working with volunteers? We are looking for someone to help keep track of our volunteers and match them up with projects. Email us for more information.

   Stair Lift Needed -

We are expanding our slate of shows to include shows in our Black Box Theater! Since the Black Box Theater is on the second floor of the building, we would like to offer wheelchair accessibility to the second floor. A stair lift would make this possible. Email us for more information.

   Help Us Find Sponsors & Advertisers -

We need people to cultivate sponsors for the Schoolhouse in the form of advertisers, show/program sponsors and special project sponsors. Email us for more information.

   Plumber Needed -

We need a plumber to help fix some minor leaks in our bathrooms. We are also looking for a plumber to assist with renovating our Green Room (back stage) bathroom. Future projects will also include renovating the bathrooms on our main floor. Email us for more information.

   Raffle Coordinator Needed -

We are looking for someone who enjoys organizing raffles. This person would help organize raffles that will be promoted during our shows as a fundraiser for specific projects at Schoolhouse. Email us for more information.